Tuesday, 12 April 2016

60 minutes of wisdom

The view from the hide at Wyver Lane

I had been dreading today as I was having a wisdom tooth removed and I really hate the dentists. So as a treat, as I'd been such a brave chap, I decided to visit Wyver Lane Nature Reserve. I pulled up to park and as I was putting on my walking boots on I immediately added a year tick with 2 Common Terns and that was just the start of a wonderful 60 minutes of nature watching. Here are a few pictures of a few species I saw.

Common Tern flew past as I arrived

The 2 birds fed for the whole 60 minutes of my visit

Lots of arguing Canada Geese as breeding season takes hold 

This Coot was busy nest buiding
This Chiffchaff was almost oblivious that I was there

At least 4 Cormorant were on the reserve

This Wren kept appearing on the top of the stone wall

Turns out it was collecting Moss for its nest

Stunning Reed Bunting just outside the Hide

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