Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ask friends & family to help Hen Harriers

Earlier today I sent this email to everyone in my address book & posted it on my Facebook page, Copy & Paste and do the same. If it generates one more signature it's worth it.

Hello Everyone.

Last February I asked you to consider signing a petition to help save one of our most wonderful birds of Prey, The Hen Harrier. The petition reached over 20,000 signatures and brought the Harriers plight to many more people. Unfortunately things haven't changed and the Hen Harrier along with lots of other wildlife are still being killed to protect grouse stocks.

5 male Hen Harriers went missing from nests earlier this year meaning that the nests failed, some think that this is not unusual but let's face it, they were killed. Males very rarely abandon females.

These killings, although not proven in all cases, are the result of persecution by Land Managers & Gamekeepers to protect Red Grouse stocks on shooting estates. Please consider signing this petition to get Driven Grouse Shooting Banned.

We are not asking for an outright ban on shooting, just this highly contentious and environmentally damaging type of shooting.

If after reading this you agree, please sign and pass on to friends and family.

Thanks for your Time


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