Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Digital evidence poses a threat to our sport

When i started reading this article I thought the movement against wildlife crime had found a supporter, Ian Grindy wrote about seeing a Youtube clip of a gamekeeper beating two Buzzards to death and how the Images were worse than a computer virus. Then I read on and got the impression that the concern was more for the moorland managers being more careful, in the age of camera phones and social media, not to get caught. I also think that it carries a tone of worry, a worry on their part that they have to change their ways or as he puts it 'we will reach a tipping point'.

What do you think?

In an age of video sharing and social media, raptor persecution — and digital evidence of it — pose a threat to our sport
Writes Ian Grindy
Two buzzards found after being beaten to death in 2013 Credit: RSPB

I have been asked by the Shooting Times to remove their article because of copyright.

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