Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Thoughts about Bird of Prey persecution.

My Thoughts about Bird of Prey persecution.
First I should say that I don't consider myself an expert or particularly knowledgeable in these matters. These are just my thoughts as someone who knows right from wrong where the welfare of other living creatures are concerned. As a long time birdwatcher & nature lover the idea that some of this countries most beautiful and iconic bird species are murdered to increase profit is abhorrent.
I can’t understand why any one gets a kick from shooting any living creature for pleasure, however I don’t really blame the shooters themselves for the problem with raptor persecution. We are all different and live by different values, they turn up and pay their money for a days shooting. I know that not every one cares for the natural world and some people are oblivious to what goes on around them.
Some land owners, and I emphasize some, with their instructions to their gamekeepers are the ones that should hang their heads in shame. To put profit before the very environment that provides them with their wealth is very short sighted and greedy. These birds are part of this ecosystem and should be allowed to live a natural life. So what if some of Grouse and Pheasant are taken by these birds, that’s the natural world and how it works. I wonder how many shooters would get a thrill from seeing a Hen Harrier or a Peregrine whilst out on the moors, a fair few I’m sure.
Would an increase in predator numbers make shooting harder? I don’t know but if it does then surely that should make it more of a challenge for these ‘brave’ marksmen.
I will be at Derwent Dam on the 10th of August to show my support for this campaign against the bad practices carried out by the guilty landowners. After becoming very disillusioned with the RSPB in recent years I'm glad they have added their voice to this movement and I am so pleased that the Wildlife Trust has shown its support too, I can now wear my Derbyshire Wildlife Trust volunteer T-shirt with pride.

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